Chih-Han Yu

CEO and Co-Founder, Appier

Chih-Han Yu

Appier Inc.,

CEO & Co-Founder


Studied at Stanford Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab under Andrew Ng and contributed to the development of a fully automated car that became the foundation for the robot car. Was a member of the winning team of DARPA Grand Challenge, a U.S. Department of Defense sponsored AI automobile race along a 300 km desert route. Entered the doctoral program at Harvard University as a member of the Self-organizing Systems Research Group and earned a PhD in 2010. His dissertation was nominated the Best PhD Thesis of the Year. In 2012, established Appier, which utilizes AI and big data to offer advertisers around the world next-generation cross-screen marketing solutions. Appier’s headquarters are located in Taiwan, with regional offices in San Francisco, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Ho Chi Min, Mumbai and Manila. In 2014, Appier netted a series A investment from Sequoia Capital.