Toshihide Yahiro

President, Hitachi Consulting Co., Ltd

Toshihide Yahiro

Hitachi Consulting Co., Ltd



Toshihide Yahiro joined The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, (Shinsei Bank), after graduating from Bachelor of Laws University of Tokyo.
In 1998, he joined Sony Corp., Manager, Strategy Development Sec., Telecom Services Div and General Manager, Broadband Business Planning Dept., Telecom & Service Company. In 2002 he established AII Inc, Advanced Internet Integration, and broadband content distribution service provider over IP-based cable TV internet networks, of which Sony Corp owns 51% voting stock. In 2004, he became COO& CFO. In 2005, he joined Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan as a Director for Information Economy, Information Policy Unit, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Director, Information Service Industry Division and Director for New Industry & Job Creation Policy, Economic & Industrial Policy Bureau. In 2010, he was invited by CEO Sharp Corporation as a Group General Manager, Cloud Computing Technology Development Group. In January 2013, he joined Hitachi Consulting Co., Ltd. and in April 2014, he became President.