Masaaki Taira

Former Vice Minister, Cabinet Office

Masaaki Taira

Cabinet Office

Former Vice Minister


Born in Tokyo. Attended Waseda University, Faculty of Law. Became the third-generation president of the family-owned business, Yamakuni, an intermediary wholesaler in the Ota Ward fresh produce market.
In 2005, ran for office in the 44th House of Representatives general election for Tokyo’s 4th electoral district and won. Served as director of the Liberal Democratic Party’s (LDP) Economy, Trade and Industry Division, director of the House of Representatives Economy, Trade and Industry Committee, and chief of the secretariat of the Economic Growth Strategy Special Mission Committee where he took part in developing economic growth strategies. In 2009, was reelected in the 45th House of Representatives general election and was director-general of LDP’s Information Research Bureau, parliamentary vice-minister of Economy, Trade and Industry as well as parliamentary secretary of Cabinet, deputy secretary-general of the LDP and other positions. Became parliamentary vice minister of Cabinet in 2014 (in charge of regional revitalization, national strategic economic zones, Cool Japan strategy, Okinawa-related policies, etc.). Other positions include chief director of the Tokyo Junior Chamber Inc. (Tokyo JC) and director of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Council of Industrial Structure Basic Policy Committee. Authored “The Financial Theories of Small and Mid-Sized Companies.”