Taejun Shin

Co-Founder / Representative Director, Gojo & Company, Inc.

Taejun Shin

Gojo & Company, Inc.

Co-Founder / Representative Director


Having graduated from Korea University and Waseda Graduate School of Finance, Taejun started his career at Morgan Stanley, where he created financial models and risk management tools. After 4 years at Morgan Stanley, Taejun joined Unison Capital as an investment professional. While working for finance industry, Taejun founded Living in Peace (LIP) in 2007, and created the first microfinance investment fund in Japan’s investment history in 2009. The NPO also created crowd funding donation platform for orphanages in Japan to improve living conditions of the children and has supported construction of 2 orphanages. Taejun is the leader of "G1 Children Initiative", an initiative to help children in Japan, Taejun cofounded Gojo in 2014. He currently serves as the turnaround manager of Maxima, Gojo’s first microfinance partner based in Cambodia. Until 2014 March, he belonged to Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum.