Daisuke Kotegawa

The Canon Institute for Global Studies Research Director

Daisuke Kotegawa

The Canon Institute for Global Studies

Research Director


MBA Stanford University 1979
BA in Law, University of Tokyo 1975
Mr. Daisuke Kotegawa was the Executive Director for Japan at the IMF from July 2007 to August 2010. At the IMF he was in charge of various new measures of the IMF to tackle the world economic crisis after the Lehman shock. In particular, he led as the chairman to increase of financial resources of the IMF through the New Arrangements to Borrow of the amount of US$ 600 billion.
Since late 1990s he was a major in charge of financial crisis in Japan, including;
(i) The liquidations of Yamaichi Securities, Sanyo Securities in 1997 in the Japanese Ministry of Finance,
(ii) The nationalizations of LTCB, NCB in 1998 in the Financial Supervisory Authority and ,
(iii) The establishment of the Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan in 2003, as well as,
(iv) The creation of business recovery funds of the Development Bank of Japan in 2001.
In the Ministry of Finance of Japan, he was involved in various international negotiations, including the negotiations of the World Bank Group Capital Increase (1983-84) which raised the Japan’s status from No 5 to No 2, Yen-$ Committee (1984), US-Japan Negotiation on the Structural Impediments Initiatives (1990), WTO Negotiation on Financial Services (Counterparts were Lawrence Summers and Tim Geitner), US-Japan Framework Consultation, and OECD Guidelines on Transfer Pricing (1995). He served as the vice chairman of the Committee on Fiscal Affairs at OECD and initiated the committee on Tax Competition which subsequently established the Black List.
He worked in almost all bureaus of the Ministry of Finance, including Minister’s Secretariat, Budget Bureau, Tax Bureau, Finance Bureau and International Bureau.
His assignment outside the MOF includes Senior Financial Economist in the World Bank (in charge of IDA negotiation and design of new financial instruments) and the Deputy Vice Governor of Yamagata prefecture.
He has been also invited for lectures by prominent universities in the US such as Harvard Business School, by prestigious universities in Russia including School of Economics of Moscow State University and famous universities in China and South East Asia such as Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business at Beijing University. He has also been invited to numerous international symposium as a panelist.
Last fall he taught intensive courses at School of Economics of Moscow State University.
A native of Usuki city in Oita prefecture, his extracurricular activities include Russian interpreter for Soviet artists while as a student of the University of Tokyo. He is fluent in Japanese, English, and good in Russian and German.